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I hope you will find this post useful to backup your important data. Do not forgot to verify your backups and make multiple backup copies of your data. Also, RAID is not a backup solution. Share on Facebook Twitter. I would like to suggest Relax and Recover as an excellent Disaster Recovery tool, but also for granular backup and recovery.

I think you may want to check that again, last release is only a month ago. ZFS support may be along at some time in the future. Appreciate your comment! Thanks for the information. Love this Website.

Five Free Backup Applications for Mac

I work for Univention and I like to say that I totally agree with the recommendation of Bacula and also Bareos. Both are very reliable, performing and professional open source backup solutions.

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It has the best that I know, variable block level dedup, but what it counts is that on the road it truly shows to be very fast and efficient, plus in the end it also compresses the deduped blocks. I thought it only had file level de-dup. Also is there any good resource for not so enlightened with CLI folks? Also can I have my own chosen encryption keys instead of system generated — even if I have to select long ones I am fine?

Synchronize Files and Folders

Can I or does it automatically periodically check whether my backups are in order — anything corrupted? Are there backup sets? Great analysis. But what about storing backup files on Clouds? Did anybody tried to use the impressive volume of disk space available for free to store safely encrypted the backup shrunks?

Is there any such feature in those tools? Yes, we at Bacula Systems support cloud backup in a very sophisticated manner. Check out our latest 8. Bacula now creates cache on the disk first and then sends your data to the cloud.

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This allows it to perform all compression and dedupe operations already on the disc and also save volumes when the connection with the cloud becomes poor. Might work, but is possibly tricky. Not to mention the need to have physical access to the server, which limits the method to on-premises machines. IMHO, this is probably one of the worst kinds of backups. You will have to check your RAID consistency before HDD removal, if consistent remove the drive, insert new drive and thrash your controller while it gets written who knows what production impact.

I did a rather similar comparison a while back. A good backup system should have some parity data to protect against bad sectors on the backup media.

How to Backup a USB Flash Drive into DMG for Future Data Recovery

Especially for optical media. Can you point me at the licensing info? There is one very cool solution but unfortunetly not open source. The big difference with Google One is the pricing and storage tiers. Acronis True Image is pretty much, an all in one backup solution.

Both also come with some extra features like social media backup and phone support. You can have it take care of your local backups as well as your cloud backups. Lots of people—myself included—have been caught out by a faulty hard drive in the past. It'll protect you against some things, but not against stuff like fire or theft.

Ideally, you should have two or three independent backups. All the backup software for Macs on this list will help you do it. Save Now.

Pure Mac: Backup - Software for Mac

Subscribe Sign In. Web Design. Game Development. Computer Skills. Learning Guides. Business Backups. Backups Software Productivity Mac. A local backup —like Time Machine—is perfect for quickly restoring large files and giving you a bit of added security.

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However, a local backup is still vulnerable to things like fire, flooding, and theft. A bootable clone is like a local backup but, instead of just storing a copy of your files, it stores a copy of your whole operating system. This means that if the hard drive in your computer fails, you can boot directly from your backup hard drive.

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A cloud back up service like Backblaze stores all your files offsite. The problem is that restoring a large number of files from an online offsite backup is very time consuming. It can also take a bit of time before your files upload which means that if you accidentally delete a file you recently created, it might not be available.

Here are my picks for the best Mac backup software for 1. Harry Guinness. Harry Guinness is a writer, photographer, traveller, and International Man of Mystery. You can follow him on Twitter or visit his website. Feed Like Follow Weekly email summary. Powered by.

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